Beauty Within Chaos

Possibly you were rushed, spilled your coffee, and forgot to let the dog in before you left.  As you arrive at your first destination you are rattled and feel as if you want to go back to bed and, start over.  I know this feeling too often, but here is the don't have to start again you can continue on.

Here are a few quick and very simple practices to always have a good day.  

  1. Catch cycles and patterns quickly, repetitive thoughts leave clues.
  2. Don't speak or act upon your unhealthy raging thoughts.  A thought has no life until you speak it.  You have to agree with the unhealthy thought in order for it to be spoken.  Don't agree!
  3. Make a choice to relax and tell yourself...I am ok, I am not behind, I am right on time.
  4. Tell yourself...This day is working for my greater good and I always win.
  5. Practice thankfulness, speak what you are thankful for, embrace the words and feel the release.

So, be kind to yourself and every person you cross paths with.  Don't become a victim of your own internal battle, release and reset.  You are victorious.  Stay in the mood.

Angela D. Holmes is a Transformational Speaker, Emotional Fitness Coach, and the author of the book Unscarred.  Founder of Arise Consulting and Coaching Institute.  She has helped many women harness the power of emotional pain and propel forward against all odds.  Angela has 11 years of faith-based emotional strategy, healing, and structure. Based on both professional work, as well as her personal experience of overcoming deep suffering, and adversity.  Angela is a California native, she can be found taking long drives and making chocolate. 

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  • Diamond Herbert

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MY CANDLES!!! Great Article!

  • Stephanie

    Love the Mood Co…the scents smell fabulous! My fav is Unbothered! Thanks for featuring Angela. Love the practices…it’s a good Mood!

  • Angela

    This girl is dope! Love the article!!!

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