About Us

Hey Ya'll! I'm Asia,

A San Francisco Native. Full-time College Student. Fond of Neo-Soul, and a sucker for the Coast.

I grew up where my Grandmother made sure the house smelled clean at all times. Whew! The Pine Sol is still necessary today (those of you who know, know what I’m talking about). My love for scents and smells-goods stayed with me into my adulthood.

Let me start off by saying, never in a million years would I have imagined owning my own business, like seriously, Me? I just had to get that off my chest…

The past few years, I struggled with anxiety and depression. No motivation to do anything, sleeping throughout the day, restless nights, weight fluctuations and all. Yes, I know we hear these buzzwords oh so often, but it’s true. Sometimes life happens, and some us struggle with juggling and curving the issues that come our way.  With God, therapy and extensive self-care I was able to pull myself together. Today, I am still regaining my sense of self.

How It All Started

At the height of the pandemic, crafting and creating became my outlet. I ordered my first candle making kit, and BOOM! I fell in love. The process is so therapeutic, blending fragrances, trying all sorts of waxes, and creating scent names that fit. Each candle is unique and my goal is to create scents that truly allow you to explore, express, or escape those feelings within.

Another passion that was rekindled was my love of writing. How You Feelin’? is a collective blog segment where we will discuss diverse lifestyle topics like fitness, self-care, mental health, personal growth, and more.

The Mood Co is more than just candles. It was created with the intention to promote self-awareness, self-care and most importantly, self-empowerment.

Welcome to The Mood Co.