Do It Scared

If you’re like me, going into the New Year meant reframing my thought process and doing a lot of reflecting on the previous year. Nope, no New Year resolutions, but a better attempt at doing things with intention. I mean, 2021 was something else, you feel me? While there were amazing moments and opportunities, ever so present was agony. Many of us experienced life like never before… all during a pandemic. Financial loss, weight gain, failed relationships, and the loss of loved ones allow uncertainty and doubt to creep in, preventing us from living our dreams and moving forward.

If I can be honest, it did for me. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone; I was existing but not living. Of course, things happen that are out of our control and you have to learn how to pivot and adjust, but what happens when you’re stuck and afraid? That’s when you have to DO IT SCARED.

Failure. Something I hate... but I’m working on it. I would be so afraid of failing that I wouldn't even try or give up midway through the process. Scared of "looking dumb" and listening to negative talk allowed fear to control my ability to make decisions that would make me happy. The fear of failure will arise when breaking away from the normal routine, both mentally and physically.

I was praying, thinking, and talking things through with my therapist, and I had an "Ah Ha" moment. I heard someone say "We are more committed to a familiar discomfort, than an unfamiliar possibility". Say that a few times and let that sink in

  • We stay at jobs we dislike, but because we know it pays and we put in the time. We stay unhappy.
  • We’re in relationships that are toxic. We’re familiar with it, and we become afraid to start over.
  • What about not starting a business because you're scared of how people would perceive you or the lack of funding.
  • Not traveling or exploring countries or cities because of the "unknown".

Just think about it. The chances of you getting that house, job/career, that significant other, business, or storefront are high. But you'll never know unless you try.

Whatever it is, DO IT! DO IT BROKE. DO IT ALONE. DO IT TIRED. DO IT SCARED. There is no way we’ll have it all figured out and perfected. Allow yourself to grow. Make mistakes, and get back up. Dream, and dream big. Your dreams will become reality... just watch.

- Asia Seniga


  • Carolyn Burgess

    This was so rightly said at a time I needed it…2021 had a lot of loss for me family members best friend of 40 years and to know I going to come back from all this cause fear is a Liar… Thank you for encouraging thoughts 🥰❤️

  • Demetria Green

    This speaks volumes! Thank you for sharing this and so excited for what God is doing and going to do for you! 😊
    Dee Dee

  • Olea Harris

    Wow! I literally wrote down last week to do it even if list! This is confirmation and right on time! Prophetic for the climate we are in! I love it! ❤️

  • Crystal Herbert-Williams

    Love it! This was very inspiring. I too was afraid of failure and the unknown,, but I am more than ever motivated to do it scared! Thanks for sharing ❤

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